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PHP Innovation Award winners

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Innovation Award winners Congratulations to Goffy G!

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 wgTeams
Module for the XOOPS CMS to present people teams
Goffy G Austria 21.05% 11 One official elePHPant Plush Mascott
2 PHP Bootstrap Icons
Get icon from BootStrap with custom color and size
Antonio Costa Portugal 15.79% 10
2 Head First Design Patterns PHP
PHP version of the code examples of the book
Ogbemudia Osayawe Germany 15.79% 10
2 Laravel Template Engine Modules
Implement template modules using custom classes
Ivan Semenkov Ukraine 15.79% 10
5 UPI PHP Payment API Link
Generate URL or QRCode to pay using the UPI app
Rohit Arya India 10.53% 7
6 Fireworks Laravel Event Sourcing
Handle model class events in the object itself
Hashemi Rafsan Bangladesh 5.26% 6
6 Grammar Template
Template engine in PHP and other languages
Nikos M. Greece 5.26% 6
6 PHP MIT App Inventor Extension Extractor
Extract details from MIT App Inventor project
Dannel Cuba 5.26% 6
6 PHP Truss 3D Class
Analyse pin truss using the finite element method
Win Aung Cho Myanmar 5.26% 6
10 PHP Report Grouping
Generate HTML tables grouping data records
Steven Hoyt United States <1.00% 2
10 Mezon PHP Functional Programming Library
Manipulate objects with functional programming
Alexey Dodonov Russian Federation <1.00% 2

Award Winners by Author of 2020

Rank Author Packages Points
1 Stefan Kientzler Germany 6 78
2 Moamen Eltouny Egypt 6 53
3 Paulo Henrique Brazil 4 45
4 Edward Paul Nigeria 5 40
5 DeGraciaMathieu France 3 37
6 Pierre FAUQUE France 3 34
6 Temuri Takalandze Georgia 4 34
8 Ahmad Mustapha Nigeria 3 30
9 Dannel Cuba 4 29
9 Chouchen France 3 29

Award Winners by Country of 2020

Rank Country Packages Points
1 Germany Germany 12 131
2 Nigeria Nigeria 15 127
3 France France 9 100
4 United States United States 11 92
5 Brazil Brazil 7 75
6 India India 9 64
7 Egypt Egypt 6 53
8 Georgia Georgia 5 38
9 Russian Federation Russian Federation 4 31
10 The Netherlands The Netherlands 3 29

All time award winners

Rank Author Packages Points
1 Dave Smith United States 31 306
2 Christian Vigh France 20 188
3 Peter Kahl Hong Kong 23 176
4 Cesar D. Rodas Paraguay 25 171
5 zinsou A.A.E.Mo´se Benin 23 163
6 Scott Arciszewski United States 20 138
7 Sergey Vanyushin Russian Federation 15 127
7 Er. Rochak Chauhan India 14 127
9 Chi Hoang France 22 125
10 Alexander Selifonov Russian Federation 16 121

All time award winner countries

Rank Country Packages Points
1 United States United States 228 1584
2 Brazil Brazil 116 864
3 Germany Germany 123 788
4 India India 96 781
5 France France 109 762
6 Russian Federation Russian Federation 95 668
7 Italy Italy 92 649
8 Spain Spain 65 473
9 United Kingdom 81 448
10 The Netherlands The Netherlands 56 353

Past month winners

Winners of August of 2020

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Markdown Generator
Compose and generate Markdown documents
Temuri Takalandze Georgia 27.27% 13 One official elePHPant Plush Mascott
2 wgGallery
Image gallery module for XOOPS CMS
Goffy G Austria 18.18% 13
3 PHP Entities
Create entities and collections of objects
DeGraciaMathieu France 9.09% 11
3 PHP Prettify
Output colored PHP code highlighted using themes
chrys ugwu Nigeria 9.09% 11
3 Laravel File Model
Add support for file properties in Laravel models
Moamen Eltouny Egypt 9.09% 11
3 Simple PHP Promise Library
Register functions to call when conditions are met
Ahmad Mustapha Nigeria 9.09% 11
3 PHP XML to JSON Conversion
Convert a XML document into a JSON string
Temuri Takalandze Georgia 9.09% 11
3 Armory PHP Closure Trait
Cache, rename and hide anonymous functions
wim niemans The Netherlands 9.09% 11
9 Laravel Multi-Step Form
Create forms split in several pages for each step
Edward Paul Nigeria <1.00% 5
9 PHP JSON Object Create
Fill PHP objects from a JSON string
Temuri Takalandze Georgia <1.00% 5
9 Drupal NBG Currency
Drupal module to show currency values with NBG API
Temuri Takalandze Georgia <1.00% 5
9 Laravel Uptime Monitor
Monitor servers to verify if they are responding
Edward Paul Nigeria <1.00% 5
9 Laravel CRUD Builder
Generate code to implement a CRUD interface
saulo hernandez Mexico <1.00% 5

Winners of July of 2020

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 XLogger PHP PSR Logger
Log events to browser console, text and XML files
Stefan Kientzler Germany 30.77% 14 1 Year Subscription to NomadPHP Advanced PHP Learning
2 PHP JavaScript Form Validation
Output form validation JavaScript from a INI file
Pierre FAUQUE France 15.38% 13 One official elePHPant Plush Mascott
2 ReactPHP Chat Client
Implement a live chat system based on Web Sockets
Ahmad Mustapha Nigeria 15.38% 13 30 Days Free Access to O'Reilly Safari Learning Platform
4 PHP Chat API
Exchange chat messages between users using an API
uche Nigeria 7.69% 11
4 Laravel Docker Starter
Start a Laravel project using a Docker container
Paulo Henrique Brazil 7.69% 11
4 PHP Period Date
Compare and calculate dates between time periods
Brent Roose Belgium 7.69% 11
4 PHP Sanitize Filename String
Change file name to use only ASCII characters
Julio Vergara United States 7.69% 11
4 Laravel Messages Controller
Controller to send and display received messages
chandresh1339 India 7.69% 11
9 PHP Check HTTP Response Code IP Scanner
Scan for HTTP servers within a given IP range
Ali Y?lmaz Turkey <1.00% 6
9 PHP Query Builder for Laravel
Test database queries without accessing a server
Cydrick Nonog Philippines <1.00% 6
9 PHP Domain Driven Design Common Interfaces
Provide interfaces to implement DDD, CQRS and ES
Cydrick Nonog Philippines <1.00% 6
9 PHP Domain Driven Design Starter
Base classes to implement Domain Driven Design
Laudir Bispo Brazil <1.00% 6
9 PHP Replace Dynamic String
Generate a random string from a template
Stefano Azzolini Italy <1.00% 6
9 React PHP Timer Loop
Call functions after a given time like JavaScript
Ahmad Mustapha Nigeria <1.00% 6

Winners of June of 2020

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Barcode and QRCode Reader and Generator
Generate barcodes and qrcodes for printing
Uldis Nelsons Latvia 26.67% 12
2 Laravel Routes to Postman Collection Generator
Generate routes for an API or Web applications
Clement Sam Ghana 20.00% 11 One official elePHPant Plush Mascott
3 PHP Myers Cyclomatic Complexity Inspector
Evaluate PHP code complexity using Myers extension
DeGraciaMathieu France 13.33% 10
3 Flexible PHP Coupon System
E-commerce system that supports discount coupons
Edward Paul Nigeria 13.33% 10
5 OPDS PHP Ebook Publisher Class
Publish and distribute ebooks for download
Pierre FAUQUE France 6.67% 8
5 PHP User Feedback System
Application to record feedback from customers
Kishor Mali India 6.67% 8
5 Cognitive PHP Voice Recognition
Recognize voices in audio with Microsoft Azure API
uche United States 6.67% 8
5 PHP GUID Generator
Generate a globally unique identifier string
John Conde United States 6.67% 8
9 R8 PHP Review System
Add reviews, ratings and recommendations to a site
Shashwat Mishra India <1.00% 4
9 Tor PHP Get Proxy List
Get the list of proxy servers from Proxy IP list
Max Stemplevski Belarus <1.00% 4
9 Stern PHP Type Safety
Make class function calls invoke strict versions
Scott Arciszewski United States <1.00% 4
9 PHP PDF to Image Library
Convert PDF document to image using Imagick
Dipesh Sukhia <1.00% 4

Winners of May of 2020

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Order Array Trait
Sort arrays of indexed strings with custom sorting
Raphael Paez Brazil 42.86% 14 One official elePHPant Plush Mascott
2 PHP Download Files and Log
Serve local and remote files for download
Pierre FAUQUE France 19.05% 13
3 PHP Generate Json LD
Generate metadata for HTML pages in JSON-LD format
Stefan Kientzler Germany 14.29% 12
4 PHP REST API Boiler Plate
Provide API with user access management functions
Busari Ridwan Nigeria 9.52% 11
5 symfony-dual-login
API to get user details using OAuth authentication
Paulo Henrique Brazil 4.76% 10
5 Redbox PHP Track Website Visitors
Track the arrival of users visiting a Web site
Johnny Mast The Netherlands 4.76% 10
5 PHP Comic Reader Tools
Display images from comic books in HTML pages
Karl Holz Canada 4.76% 10
8 PHP Async HTTP Client Benchmarks
Measure the performance of different HTTP clients
Insolita Russian Federation <1.00% 7
8 mezon PHP POP3 Client
Retrieve email messages from a mailbox using POP3
Alexey Dodonov Russian Federation <1.00% 7
8 Laravel Relational Data Model
Establish relations between model objects
Moamen Eltouny Egypt <1.00% 7
8 Laravel Upload File Manager
Manage the upload of public and private files
Moamen Eltouny Egypt <1.00% 7
8 PHP Readme Helper
API documentation generator for README files
Lars Moelleken Germany <1.00% 7
8 Orbisius PHP dotenv Parser Class
Parse dotenv configuration files and assign values
Svetoslav Marinov Canada <1.00% 7
8 PHP World Information
Get several types of details of world locations
Moamen Eltouny Egypt <1.00% 7

Winners of April of 2020

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Web Push Notifications Server
Queue and push notifications to Web users
Stefan Kientzler Germany 41.18% 11
2 PHP Zoom API
Access Zoom video conference application REST API
Raphael Paez Brazil 17.65% 10
3 PHP JSON Form Builder
Generate a HTML form definition in JSON format
Arash Soleimani Iran 11.76% 9
3 PHP Covid Relief Checks Calculator
Calculate the amount of a check as Covid-19 relief
Adeola Odusola United States 11.76% 9
5 Find PHP Service
Application to find services in a near location
Edward Paul Nigeria 5.88% 7
5 Ajudaime API
Find people close to the user who needs help
Paulo Henrique Brazil 5.88% 7
5 CodeIgniter Admin Panel with User Management
CodeIgniter panel to manage application users
Kishor Mali India 5.88% 7
8 PHP Wikipedia API
Edit and retrieve content from Wikipedia
Arash Soleimani Iran <1.00% 4
8 Minimal Twilio PHP API Send SMS
Send SMS messages using the Twilio API
Niko Peikrishvili Georgia <1.00% 4
8 WordPress Recaptcha Integration
Plugin to integrate Recaptcha to protect forms
Malik Naik India <1.00% 4
8 Laravel PUT Helper
Process HTTP PUT requests to get files and values
Zacchaeus Bolaji Nigeria <1.00% 4

Winners of March of 2020

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP MySQL Table Information
Creates a PDF report with a MySQL table structure
Stefan Kientzler Germany 23.81% 18 One official elePHPant Plush Mascott
2 PHP Personal Finance App API
Provides an API to control personal expenses
Paulo Henrique Brazil 19.05% 17
3 PHP Manager Classes
Manage the access to multiple driver classes
DeGraciaMathieu France 14.29% 16
4 PHP Create UUID v4 type
A custom Doctrine data type for UUID v4 values
Michael Cummings United States 9.52% 15
4 PHP Object Factory
Create objects of given types defined by name
Aleksandar Zivanovic Serbia 9.52% 15
6 Laravel Settings Model
Store and retrieve settings for model objects
Moamen Eltouny Egypt 4.76% 13
6 Laravel Password History Validation
Prevent users from reusing recently used passwords
Edward Paul Nigeria 4.76% 13
6 Msalsas PHP GDPR Consent Banner Bundle
Present content banners for Symfony Web projects
Manolo Salsas Spain 4.76% 13
6 PHP API Document Generator
Generate automatic documentation for APIs
nvb Germany 4.76% 13
6 PHP Corona Virus Database
An API to lookup information about Corona Virus
Max Base United States 4.76% 13
11 Multiple Currency Laravel Service
Manage product prices in multiple currencies
Moamen Eltouny Egypt <1.00% 8
11 PHP Doctrine Person Table Skeleton
Provides a skeleton of tables for person entities
Michael Cummings United States <1.00% 8
11 PHP Mantis Export to iCal
Export Mantis bug reports in iCal format
Kjell-Inge Gustafsson Sweden <1.00% 8
11 PHP Document Scanner using SANE or eSCL AirPrint
Web interface to scan printed documents
Mark de Leon United States <1.00% 8
11 Laravel VTU
Buy pre-paid products from VTU providers
Zacchaeus Bolaji Nigeria <1.00% 8
11 PHP Image Handling API
Provide an API to do image manipulation operations
Kjell-Inge Gustafsson Sweden <1.00% 8
11 PHPInfo Compare Online
Parse and compare PHP configuration versions
Stefan Kientzler Germany <1.00% 8
11 PHP SameSite Cookie Setter
Set cookie values with the SameSite flag enabled
Ovunc Tukenmez Turkey <1.00% 8

Winners of February of 2020

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 Symfony Create Bundle Skeleton
Application to create reusable Symfony Bundles
Manolo Salsas Spain 12.50% 15 One official elePHPant Plush Mascott
1 Shiki PHP Proxy Request to Another Server
Retrieve and zip a file from a remote server
Chouchen France 12.50% 15
1 PHP Person Name Case Corrector
Correct the case of personal names
Yuriy Tkachenko Russian Federation 12.50% 15
1 OpenStreetMap Nominatim PHP Class
Search addresses with the OSM Nominatim API
Stefan Kientzler Germany 12.50% 15
5 Check PHP Requirements
Verify conditions for a PHP application to run
Miraz Mac Bangladesh 6.25% 11
5 PHP Memory Limit Manager
Set the PHP memory limit and check if is exceeded
nvb Germany 6.25% 11
5 Drupal Icon Module API
Icons for Drupal blocks, menus, filters and fields
Malik Naik India 6.25% 11
5 PHP Windows File Attributes
Get the type and other properties of Windows files
Hassane Moussa Niger 6.25% 11
5 PHP Flight Schedules
Get real time flight schedules using aviationStack
Dave Smith United States 6.25% 11
5 PHP Windows exe Parser
Parse and extract details from Windows exe files
peyman Iran 6.25% 11
5 PHP Golden Rectangle Generator
Create a rectangle with perfect proportions
Dannel Cuba 6.25% 11
5 D3 Labels
Attach label tag values to model objects
Uldis Nelsons Latvia 6.25% 11
13 PHP Ride Locale API
API to keep track of vehicle ride sharing
Malik Naik India <1.00% 3
13 PHP Short URL Generator
Create short URLs storing them in a XML database
Chouchen France <1.00% 3
Encrypt and decrypt data with PaSeTO protocol
Scott Arciszewski United States <1.00% 3

Winners of January of 2020

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP SVG to Image Converter
Parse and render SVG vectorial drawing as an image
Chouchen France 33.33% 11 One official elePHPant Plush Mascott
2 PHP Attendance Management System using Fingerprint
Keep track of employee attendance with fingerprint
Abed Nego Ragil Putra Indonesia 26.67% 10 1 year of Team Plan of Mailtrap
3 Mozilla WebThings PHP IOT Framework
Control Internet connected devices via Web service
Malik Naik India 13.33% 9
4 Remote PHP PSR 4 Class Loader
PSR-4 compliant loader for remote classes
Till Wehowski Germany 6.67% 8
4 Arsenal PHP Singleton Trait
Trait to make classes only have singleton objects
wim niemans The Netherlands 6.67% 8
4 Oracle PHP Class Model
Create model classes stored in Oracle using OCI
Codreanu Florin Romania 6.67% 8
4 PHP Day Light Calculator
Calculate the day hours for a given location
Dannel Cuba 6.67% 8
8 PHP Date Percent
Calculate the percentage of the days that passed
Dannel Cuba <1.00% 4
8 Phing Build File Visualizer
Render chart to represent a Phing build process
jawira Belgium <1.00% 4
8 NatterBase PHP Get Country API
API to get information about countries
Zacchaeus Bolaji Nigeria <1.00% 4
8 Frdlweb/Webfan PHP Framework Install Project
Create project to use the Frdlweb/Webfan framework
Till Wehowski Germany <1.00% 4

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