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Dframe PHP Router Configuration Generator
MVC based applications can process HTTP requests by routing the requests to controller classes that can perform the desired actions and return the responses.

This package can simplify the configuration of application routing by scanning controller class files to extract the possible actions that they can perform. Then it can generate updated configuration files to define how requests are routed.
Dframe PHP MVC View
There are many template engines that are often used to render the output of pages generated by PHP applications. Different developers prefer to use different template engines.

This package makes it possible for applications implemented using the the Dframe framework view rendering support using several template engines of the choice of the application developer.
Mezon PHP Application Actions
Many applications need to provide means to let users request the execution of actions that are usually of the kind of Creating, Retrieving, Updating and Deleting data records (CRUD).

This package can simplify the implementation of this kind of action by providing default actions to implement CRUD based application services.
PHP Device Info Details
This package can get the details of device using the php.mk API.

It can take the current user agent string and send a HTTP request to the php.mk API Web server to perform a query about the details of the current device that the user is using to access the server on which PHP is running.

The class decodes the API response with the device details and returns it decoded to the calling application.
PReact PHP Ask Confirmation before Action
Sometimes applications need to perform delicate actions that may not be reversible. In this case it is better that the user is asked to confirm the actions before they are executed to avoid that the user regrets later.

This package can make it easier to implement action confirmation requests right before the requested action is about to happen.
XOOPS Transifex
Many projects support showing text messages in different idioms. Transifex is a platform to manage the text translations of projects to all the idioms that are supported.

This package provides a module for the XOOPS CMS that can manage the translations of texts of a project in a more efficient way.

It can perform tasks that would be tedious to do manually by repeating the same operation in all project files. Instead it can do it as a single task. For instance it serves all project files at once in a using archive in ZIP format.
Laravel Image Storage
Many applications that use the Laravel framework need to implement object models to store certain property data and can be associated to one or more pictures.

This package simplifies the implementation of such types of Laravel models by providing a trait that implements many types of operations to manipulate images files to be associated with each model object.
PHP Word DOCX to HTML with Images
Many people use Microsoft Word application to create Word processing documents. However, Web applications use HTML to display documents in Web pages or send those documents as email messages to other people.

This class can convert Microsoft Word DOCX document with images to HTML to solve the problem of using Microsoft Word to create content to display Web pages or send it via email.
Basic PHP Bulk Email Queue System
Many applications need to deliver newsletters or other types of email messages to many users at once.

This package provides a solution that can perform bulk email operations. It uses a local database queue to store the messages to be delivered. Then it can process all queued mailings by sending the email messages to their recipients.
UPI PHP Payment API Link
Many payment systems can generate URLs for links that can be used in sites to make the payment system mobile application open when those payment links are clicked by customers.

This package can generate QRCode images that encode the payment URLs, so customers can aim their mobile phone cameras at the QRCode images displayed on a Web page.

This way it becomes easier for the customers to trigger a payment action by using their mobile phones.


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